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Smallpipe Chanters

Our current line of Scottish Smallpipe chanters is limited to chanters in A.
However, please keep checking in, as we are in development to produce and offer chanters tuned to C and D. We are planning to very shortly offer chanters in C and in d as an option for our four-drone sets to enable the piper to play in all of the keys which the drones are capable of tuning to.
Chanters will be easy to switch due to the chanter split-stock that we utilize as a standard feature of all of our sets of pipes. This allows the piper to quickly remove the chanter from the bag without ever exposing the chanter reed to potential damage. Our chanters in other pitches will be designed to utilize the same chanter reed that goes into our standard A chanters in order to take some of the guesswork out of which reed goes
into which chanter. We also offer optional high b keys in brass for those who wish to extend the chanter range by an additional and very useful note. *Important note: We can make Scottish smallpipe chanters with the addition of a right-hand thumbhole to produce C natural. If you want your chanter to have the C natural thumb hole, please specify this when ordering.