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All of our chanter and drone reeds are handmade one at a time in our shop. All reeds are tested and pre-played to ensure you receive the best quality reeds for your favorite instrument.

Scottish Smallpipe Chanter Reeds

We currently offer cane and wood chanter reeds. Our reeds are made to optimize tone, volume, and a comfortable playing pressure. Our cane reeds
work well in a variety of environments, however, cane reeds seem to favor a more humid environment, whereas wood reeds are far more tolerant of dry climates. For example, Chad often plays (and lives) at over 7,000 feet elevation and in an environment that is often at or around 9-11% humidity. Although Fross cane reeds perform admirably in dry climates, wooden reeds seem to perform and hold up better in harsher and dryer
ambient conditions than cane reeds.

Cane Chanter Reeds

Our traditional cane chanter reeds are hand-cut, hand-tied, and hand-scraped one at a time to exacting detail and are made specifically for Fross
Bellows Pipes smallpipe chanters.

Wood Chanter Reeds

We are very excited to begin offering our latest development in wooden chanter reeds! To date, the wood of choice for non-cane chanter reeds has been spruce. Spruce works well as a chanter reed material and has proven its usefulness in Uilleann pipe chanters as well as Scottish smallpipe chanters. One area that Spruce reeds seem to not always excel at is reed harmonics. Many pipers have complained of the lack of lush harmonics when using Spruce chanter reeds. Some pipers report that Spruce reeds have a tendency to display just the fundamental tone and rarely seem to achieve the harmonic richness that we love in our chanter reeds. Chad has discovered that excellent chanter reeds can be made from Yellow
Poplar. Chanter reeds made from Yellow Poplar exhibit the same velvety harmonics and crisp tone that we have come to expect from excellent cane reeds, as well as a slightly more strident volume than what we tend to achieve with cane. Cane reeds have a tendency to either lose some of the velvety lush tones in dryer, more unforgiving climates, whereas our Yellow Poplar reeds do not suffer from this common cane affliction. This is why our wood chanter reeds are the perfect choice for pipers who live and or perform in dry climates!

Drone Reeds

Fross Bellows Pipes drone reeds are of a composite construction, pairing precision-machined hardwood drone reed bodies with cane drone reed tongues to create a drone reed with a rich and pleasing tone. Our drone reeds have been pain-stakingly designed to ensure increased tuning stability under less-than steady bag-pressure, making our composite drone reeds the perfect match for our drone stands. We also supply replacement cane drone reed tongues.

U-Finish Chanter Reed Kits: (Coming Soon)

For those more adventurous pipers and budding reed-makers, we will soon be offering reed making kits (for cane and wood chanter reeds, and for composite drone reeds). Our reed making kits (for chanter reeds) will consist of pre-gouged, pre-sanded, and pre-profiled reed blade slips and pre-shaped brass reed staple. All of the hard work has already been completed, you simply bind the blades to the staple and sand and scrape the reed (in-depth instructions and step-by-step video access will be available to assist in these last steps) to your desired strength/ tone. This is a great way to take your first steps in chanter reed making, as most of the initial work requiring special tools and jigs has already been completed. You will only need easy-to-obtain binding thread, a few pieces of sandpaper, and a razor or craft blade in order to complete the reed.

Cane Chanter Reed Kit: (Coming Soon)
Wood Chanter Reed Kit: (Coming Soon)