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Scottish smallpipes

Our Scottish Smallpipes are less strident in volume than both the Great Highland Bagpipes and the Border pipes and produce a pleasing tone and rich harmonics. However, they do produce more than enough volume to play along with other acoustic instruments at home, in the lively local session, the recording studio, or the stage. All of our Smallpipes can be custom ordered in a number of various woods and materials for pipes and mounts. We currently use brass for ferrules and tuning-pin chambers. All bags are airtight leather with glued seams (no stitching or rivets). While there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional welt-stitched or riveted pipe bags, Many pipers find that the glued bags are more comfortable under the bag arm due to the lack of the more traditional stiff welted and sewn seam. Our glued leather pipe bags and bellows will not require seasoning and will give years of service when properly cared for. Please feel free to email or call for current available pipe timbers, mount materials, bellows plates wood, bag and bellows leather color, etc. prior to ordering to make sure we have what you need. If we do not have what you want, we can generally order it and have it in the shop in short order. Optional Drone on/off switches are available on the common stock, as are optional high b keys for chanters in the key of A. *Note: We do not supply bag covers.

3 Drone scottish Smallpipe Sets

The three-drone Scottish Smallpipes set is a full set of Scottish Smallpipes which includes chanter, chanter split-stock, chanter reed, common-stock (for drones), one bass (A) drone, one tenor drone (a), one Baritone drone (E/D), drone reeds, bag, blowpipe and valve, and bellows with blowpipe connecting tube and bellows valve-plug. The three-drone sets can be tuned to play in the following keys: A, C, and D. With the optional extra modular drone section, G tuning is also possible without altering or adjusting drone reeds. These drones can only be tuned to partial d (tenor [a] and baritone [d]), or just use the baritone itself tuned to d to approximate a d tuning. These tunings support a variety of chanter tunings (A, C, and to a lesser extent: d). These three-drone Scottish Smallpipes sets make a great option for pipers who are predominantly interested in studying, playing, and performing much of the Highland pipe repertoire at more intimate volumes than the Great Highland Bagpipe or the Border Pipes are capable of producing.

4 drone scottish smallpipe sets

Our four-drone Scottish Smallpipes offer everything the three-drone sets offer, plus an additional alto (e, d) drone! Our four-drone Scottish smallpipes gives pipers the option to tune to the following keys without the need for removing drones to adjust drone reeds in order to accommodate alternate tunings: A, C, and D, as well as the ability to tune to low G and partial B with optional extra modular drone section. Additionally, further development is underway to increase tuning options and ease of use.

Why so many tuning options?

Many Smallpipers and Border Pipers have discovered the wonderful sounds that can be had with the ability to play tunes in a multitude of keys. Having access to different tunings adds variety to the soundscape that each piper can produce. These various tuning options allow the piper to play music from a variety of different piping/ musical traditions such as the Border Piping tradition, Northumbrian Piping tradition, and of course the Highland Piping tradition, and to a certain extent, the traditional Irish music setting as well (just to mention a few). What can you do with our extended tuning range drones? I enjoy using my A chanter against D drones to play a variety of tunes in D. You could also choose to play a D chanter with drones tuned to D, or a C chanter with drones tuned to C. These are just a few examples of what is possible with more tunings and a chanter or two in different keys. Our four-drone Scottish Smallpipes sets are the perfect option for the piper who is looking to explore a broader range of tunings and genres of piping than what is available in the more traditional three-drone configuration.