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Scottish Smallpipe Bags

Fross Bellows Pipes bags are constructed from quality airtight leather (only available in black at this time). This means you will never need to season or re-season your pipe bag to keep it in top operating shape. Additionally, we have developed a no-sew/ no-rivet, reinforced glued seam which improves both functionality and comfort.
We use a very strong industrial bonding agent to glue the seams and the reinforcing strips to ensure years of serviceability while reducing the level of maintenance traditionally associated with leather bags. While both sewn and riveted pipe bags are excellent options, many pipers have complained about the discomfort that can occur in the bag-arm when the arm rests against the stiff welt that is created by sewn or riveted seams. Additionally, certain makes of sewn bags will over time require an application of stitching paste or bag seasoning to reseal stitching holes that may have opened due to the leather stretching and straining against the stitches from repeated and prolonged long-term use. Glued and reinforced bag seams eliminates this potentially necessary mitigation altogether, and ensures years of comfortable, nearly zero-maintenance reliability.